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Past Conferences
16th Conference Feb, 2017 Dr Rajeev Kumar & Dr Veda Padmapriya Breast Cancer in the era of Precision Medicine Click for Details
15th Conference Feb, 2016 Dr. Sudhir Rawal & Dr. Rupinder Sekhon  Controversy to Consensus Click for Details
14th Conference Feb, 2015 Surender Dabas Head & Neck Cancer  Click for Details
13th Conference Feb, 2014 Dr. Anurag Mehta & Dr. Vineet Talwar Lymphoma: Biology to Therapy  Click for Details
12th Conference Feb, 2013 Dr. Sunil Gupta Changing scenario in colorectal cancer  Click for Details
11th Conference April, 2012 Dr. S. K. Rawal Prostate Cancer   
10th Conference Feb, 2011 Dr. Gauri Kapoor Pediatric Cancer – Malignancy in Childhood   
9th Conference March, 2010 Prof. N. R. Dutta Strategies  for preservation of Organ Structure & Function in Cancer  Click for Details
8th Conference March, 2009 Dr. Ranga Rao Lung & Esophageal Cancer   
7th Conference March, 2008 Dr. Kapil Kumar Colorectal & GI Cancer   
6th Conference March, 2007 Dr. A. K. Anand Cervix Cancer   
5th Conference March, 2006 Dr. A. K. Dewan Head & Neck Cancer   
4th Conference March, 2005 Dr. S. K. Rawal Kidney, Bladder & Prostate Cancer   
3rd Conference March, 2004 Dr. D. C. Doval Liver & Pancreas & Hepatobiliary Cancer   
2nd Conference March, 2003 Dr. D. C. Doval Breast Cancer   
1st Conference Nov, 2001 Dr. A. K. Vaid Ovarian Cancer